Top Seven Tips for Wedding Flowers … giving you maximum impact on minimum budget

Flowers can have a huge impact on a wedding but they don’t need to cost the earth. Yes, florists are amazing and they earn every penny of their fees; with early mornings, hours of preparing and conditioning flowers, designing, sourcing and purchasing the best flowers and that’s all before they’ve created an arrangement and set-up floral installations or delivered beautiful bouquets to you.


Flowers can have a huge impact on a wedding but they don’t need to cost the earth. Yes, florists are amazing and they earn every penny of their fees; with early mornings, hours of preparing and conditioning flowers, designing, sourcing and purchasing the best flowers and that’s all before they’ve created an arrangement and set-up floral installations or delivered beautiful bouquets to you.

But you really can create maximum impact on minimum budget by following my seven top tips:

Bottles with single stems
Bottles with single stems and a touch of greenery and candles. Simple, effective and stylish
  1. Less is more. Don’t think that the bigger the floral display the more impact it will have. Smaller floral details can have just as much impact as large arrangements. Such as using single stems of flowers in individual vases or bottles can create a truly striking look. 
  1. Go green. Greenery is all around us. So, keep things green by using lots of foliage. Some foliage such as eucalyptus is more expensive but using ivy from gardens of friends and family is a great budget cutter. 
  1. Go natural. Whilst you’re out grabbing the greenery, look around and see what natural flowers are about. Finding anything from flowers to feathers, fir cones to ferns can give your wedding a natural look and, best of all, looking luscious and expensive without spending anything.

    blush rose and burgundy bouquet
    Hand-tied bridal bouquet of roses, lilac and peonies in blush, burgundy and white, made by Tabby at Mode for…
  1. Grow your own. Granted, it can be a little riskier and you don’t want to be reliant on home-growing your complete crop of wedding flowers, but some home-grown elements can be really effective and give a super, personal touch. Flowers such as roses, sweet peas, peonies, cornflowers and narcissi can work well for the green fingered bride or groom. 
  1. Keep it seasonal. Staying away from expensive, exotic or out of season flowers is a great way to control your flower budget. Research what’s around in the month of your wedding and select these flowers with lots of greenery. Think daffodils and tulips in March / April time for instance.
daffodils and green bottles
Daffodils and single stems in green bottles. Huge impact and low cost for a March wedding.


  1. Go wholesale. If you’re lucky enough to know someone who can purchase direct from the flower wholesaler for you to arrange your own wedding flowers then this is a great option. You could also ask your florist or event stylist if they would consider supplying flowers to you conditioned but un-arranged so you can both save some money and hand the task over to any budding florist friends and family. 
  1. Be flexible. Most importantly, if you really want to cut your floral budget but still have flowers be flexible and wait and see what’s the most cost effective the week of your wedding. No-one will judge (or even know) if you’ve grabbed some flowers from the supermarket or your garden to create some small posies for vases and jars on a table. So be flexible, creative and have fun creating your unique floral arrangements and not just copying images of other wedding flowers you have seen in magazines and blogs.

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Enjoy the flowery loveliness.

Tabby xxx

The Mode for… Events Top Three DIY Wedding and Events Venues

The Mode for…Events Top Three Wedding and Events Venues 2017

Now, it’s not unusual for you to hear me say I love a DIY wedding and events venue and I spend a lot of time researching great places where you can host your absolutely perfect, intimate and unique wedding or event without blowing your budget on grand facilities and gardens that you may never use.

I’m also a huge fan of the ‘dry hire’ venue because, to be quite frank, I don’t like being told what to do and which suppliers to use. I like the personal touch, creating a unique event with facilities that allow me to use the suppliers I love to work with or to be able to do things myself.

I don’t like to be told what menu I have to select from that only has 3 options and I definitely don’t like ridiculous bar prices for my friends to pay, so a menu of my favourite food and a free or realistically priced bar is a huge incentive for me to book a venue.

This was definitely the driving force and the brief in hunting for our own wedding venue  in 2015 and when hunting for venues for our own series of The MF Tasting Notes events in the last few months; I want blank spaces that would have a great feel about them, that I could personalise for the style of event, that I have complete freedom for food choices and no ridiculous bar or corkage charges.

I’ll be honest, that brief is not as easy as it may sound; these venues are tricky to find and they usually come on recommendation or luck! But I’m going to make it easy for you and give you my Top Three DIY wedding and events venues and save you some of the leg work in research.

These three venues, which are in no particular order because actually I love them all, are on point for creating a fabulous unique wedding or event. They have fabulous owners and staff and really give you the opportunity to let your creativity run wild and bring your wedding and event in on a sensible budget.

The Mode for… Events top three DIY wedding and events venues are:

1. Parwich Memorial Hall, Parwich, nr. Ashbourne

parwich VH
Parwich Memorial Hall Photo by Olivia Photography UK

2. Hargate Hall, Wormhill, Buxton

Hargate Hall Photo by Adam Wilkinson Photography

3. East Keswick Village Hall, East Keswick, nr. Wetherby

East Keswick Village Hall Photo courtesy of EKVH

Still not sold on the whole DIY element of doing everything yourself? Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered. With services from planning to coordination, styling to catering, here at Mode for…Events we can arrange your whole wedding or event for you and take all the strain off you and you’ll still get that unique and personal style whilst sticking to a sensible budget. We take time to really get to know you and your family so we totally deliver your dreams.

Recent DIY bride Laura Stroud had this to say after her wedding in October at Parwich Memorial Hall: “We are so grateful for everything you did for us.  It felt like you were part of our family. We had the most perfect of days and we will always be so thankful that you made everything run so smoothly and you even smiled the whole day with us when we know you must have been exhausted!  I know I said it on Saturday, but I knew as soon as we met I could trust you with our wedding ❤️. I’m not sure many people could handle my OCD planning like you did!”

We actually supplied planning support, coordination, catering, floral bouquets and ran the bar for the wedding of Laura and Graham at Parwich Memorial Hall and we loved every minute. The hall itself is one of the best equipped and most beautiful halls we’ve had the pleasure to work in. It was so easy to deliver a perfect event there and we can’t recommend it enough. We’re also dying to go back and do another wedding or event there now we’ve found it, not just for the hall itself but the beautfully amazing village it’s in. Definitely a perfect location.

Hargate Hall obviously holds a special place in our hearts as it’s where Simon and I got married in 2016 but with around 17 weddings undertaken there now in the last two years, supplying planning, coordination, catering, floristry and styling we are always wowed at how every wedding is different and would recommend this venue to everyone that wants somewhere that everyone can come and stay and have a great big party in your ‘own home’ for the weekend and we know just how to make it work for every style of event.

Recent bride Tiffany Chevis said: “Thank you so much for all your hard work. It was the perfect day and we couldn’t have done it without you.”

East Keswick Village Hall is a very special venue and a real gem in the crown of village halls. With lovely people helping to run the hall, a fabulous space that really can be styled from rustic to luxury and a fabulously beautiful location it offers a wonderful opportunity for your wedding and events. With great facilities for you and your suppliers, this hall is a perfect choice and again it’s getting us a little bit excited as it’s also our venue of choice for our own ‘A Little Gin and Jazz’ and ‘Wines of the Wars’ events in January and March 2018. So, if you want to check it out, come and party with us at these events and see how amazing it is for yourself!

So there’s our Mode for… Events Top Three DIY wedding and events venues. Go check them out now and drop me a message with any DIY wedding or events questions you have. Or, got Amazon and check out my Guide to DIY Weddings here!

Happy planning!

Much Love

Tabby xxx